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Please be aware I take your privacy very seriously. I will NEVER sell the information you provide or give it away.

1) This is the information I collect when you opt-in/subscribe to my newsletter/Book Club :-

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2) The above information you provide is used in the following ways :-

  • E-mail notifications of my new release romance novels, sales of my romance novels, competitions to win my romance novels, occasional blog posts on subjects relating to my romance novels and exclusive sneak peek excerpts from my romance novels (content intended for adults only 18 years or above)

3) Legitimate third parties I use are as follows :-

By freely providing your information as above (section 1), you are consenting for me to use your information for the purposes intended as above (section 2), until that time when you opt-out/unsubscribe.

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I (the author JC Harroway/JCHARROWAY.COM) will not pass on your information to additional third parties (outside those listed above in section 3).

c JC Harroway 15th May 2018


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