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Before you can heal, you must accept that you’ve been broken…

When an accident leaves her with severe burns, Captain Eden Archer has one goal — to get back to full fitness and her duties at her United Nations job. Eden is not a joiner, but the Ruby Challenge — a four-day hike across Nevada’s Ruby Mountains — seems like a great way to boost her rehabilitation, and to prove herself ready and able to move on. She just has to get through the pre-challenge medical.

As a doctor in Accident and Emergency, Dan Barbour is used to dealing with people in pain, people in denial, and people who don’t much like doctors, but the prickly servicewoman who dismisses his medical skills awakens an interest that has long been dormant.

The Ruby Mountain hike is as much about the emotional challenge as the physical, and as Eden and Dan find themselves getting closer and closer, they both face enormous obstacles. Eden protects her heart with distance and reserve; Dan keeps everyone at bay by being wholly unavailable. But if they stay true to their old course, they will lose the one chance at a real connection, the one chance to really find someone to love.

A broken-hearted doctor and a reluctant patient should be a match made in heaven, but are Eden and Dan strong enough to find courage outside of their respective battlefields and expose their hearts?


Inspirations Behind Devoted

Writing Devoted, book three in the Recovery Series was lots of fun and, in places, heart wrenching. The story between jaded movie director Tyler Wentworth and young talent manager, Mallory Hughes, is a story of love, grief and the roles sometimes thrust upon us.

Like most stories, Devoted required a certain amount of research. Here are some of the story’s main inspirations.


  1. Canada

One of the most stunning countries in the world, Canada has settings galore to tempt a writer. But it was the country’s burgeoning film industry that drew me here. My hero, Tyler Wentworth, is a movie director who’s returned to his native Canada to shoot his most personal film yet. And what better backdrop for the opening scene than the iconic, Toronto.


  1. Tall, Dark and Handsome

 Fortunately for us writers the internet is awash with…visual inspiration. Here’s mine for sexy, haunted Tyler. You’re welcome…



  1. Vintage Glamour

My heroine, Mallory Hughes was such fun to create. One of the best things I love about her is her sense of style, one Tyler describes as ‘Old Hollywood glamour’.

Think pencil skirts, fitted cardigans and vintage Mary Jane’s—the perfect heroine to throw a jaded movie director hero off balance.




  1. Film Premieres

 One of the best things about writing the Hollywood trope is the glamour and sparkle of a red carpet event. Without giving too much of the ending away…let’s just say, what girl could resist?

red carpet



  1. Ice Hockey

Tyler is a huge hockey fan and supports the Maple Leafs. And of course the Hockey Hall of Fame provided the perfect venue for date with a woman who, in his opinion, supported the wrong team.

 ice hockey

  1. Native French Speakers

 I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to the French language—I could literally listen to it all day, even though I understand only a few basic words. So, of course, Tyler, just like around twenty percent of Canadians had to be bi-lingual.


  1. Sisterly Love

 Mallory and Bobbie’s bond is strong but flawed. But the undeniable fact remains; the sisterly relationship is unique and unbreakable. Celebrating sisters everywhere.



  1. Dirty Talk

Tyler uses the chemistry between himself and introverted and inexperienced Mallory to help her find her voice and take control. And he does it in the bedroom, leading to some pretty heated scenes…




Devoted, published 4/7/17, is a standalone conteporary romance available at all good E-book retailers and from Escape Publishing.

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Devoted is Available for Pre-order

Some choices are easy. Some choices are hard. And some choices will break our hearts…

When jade9781489245632d movie director, Tyler Wentworth meets Mallory Hughes on the set of his latest movie, he immediately notices two things: she’s too sweet and she’s somehow familiar. But he has no time for mysteries – as long as she can do her job and continue to keep her notorious starlet out of trouble, she can keep her secrets.

Mallory knows exactly who Tyler is, the young man she had a huge crush on has grown to a Hollywood heavy-weight. But the last thing she wants is to be associated with the shy, awkward girl she was then. She’s here professionally, managing her troubled sister who has the talent to be the biggest star on screen, but a turbulent past. This is Bobbie’s last and best shot, and Mallory will do nothing to jeopardise it.

But as the filming begins, Mallory not only finds herself drawn more deeply to this grown-up Tyler, but that her attraction is more than reciprocated and she can’t help herself from indulging in all of her girlish fantasies. However, when their pasts catch up, she is going to have to choose between the sister she’s devoted her life to and the man who’s won her heart.

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The Endorphin Rush


Why do I read romance?

According to Thomas Stewart’s article for The Richest, I am not alone in my love for this genre. The romance/erotica fiction business is a $1.44-billion-dollar industry and is top of the list, beating crime, horror and fantasy.

So what is it that draws the predominantly (but not exclusively) female readership to romance novels?

It’s too simplistic to dismiss the whole genre as ‘mummy porn’. Romance novels range from incredibly sweet to explicit and includes the popular new adult and young adult subgenres.

And if women simply wanted porn, wouldn’t they just read or watch porn?

My own theory, not an original one by the way, is that many women, myself included, are drawn by the endorphin rush that comes when they get lost in a love story with a happy ever after (or an emotionally satisfying ending).

Endorphins, according to the Wikipedia, are a group of endogenous (i.e. produced in the body) opioid neuropeptides (hormones produced by the brain that inhibit the transmission of pain signals and produce a sense of euphoria). In short, they are your own legal and free source of narcotics!

It’s the same high experienced by athletes, yogis and chocolate lovers, and can also be induced by moderate levels of alcohol, a good massage and an orgasm.

Reading a great book, or watching a great movie, sucks us into the story. We get lost, becoming so invested in the outcomes of the characters, that when the boy gets the girl or the girl staves off dragons to save the boy, we experience a rush of chemicals so strong the following occurs in our bodies:


  • Pain sensations are blocked, or reduced
  • Our limbic system (part of the brain concerned with emotion) lights up giving us a rush of pleasure
  • Sleep improves
  • Our appetite is reduced
  • The negative effects of stress lessen
  • Our immune system is boosted
  • Blood pressure drops
  • Memory improves.

Wow. All that from a romance novel with a HEA—sign me up!

No wonder I’m addicted.

JC Harroway writes contemporary romance with incandescently happy endings. Find her at or on social media.